Annual Fund Drive 2024

Annual Fund Drive 

Please mail checks to NAVES 

PO Box 7088, North Arlington, NJ 07031

Our 2024 Mailer was sent out on January 20 2024, If mailing a check please send to our PO Box at the address above, please don't forget to detach the donation slip at the bottom of the letter and place in the return envelope. If donating online through use the form to the right 

or PayPal or Venmo please click the buttons below. 

We Thank You for your Support 

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Clothing & Shoes 

Donation bins

We have partnered with ART (American Recycling Technologies) Over 8 billion pounds of clothing ends up in landfills each year and represents almost 6% of solid waste in our nations landfills. Through our recycling program, we help in the fight against pollution by not contaminating our soil with textile products that would otherwise be buried, burned or destroyed. ART accepts all textiles (woven and non-woven fabrics) including, clean clothing, shoes, handbags, tablecloths, sheets, comforters, bedspreads and towels. Art does not accept rugs.

What Happens To My Donation?

ART recycles recovered clothing in one of three ways:

Some of the clothing is donated to the needy. Higher quality clothing is sold in bulk to organizations that sell to those who cannot afford to purchase new.

Unusable clothing is sorted, washed, cut and sold for industrial use in businesses such as car washes and for cleaning heavy machinery.

Other clothing is used in the auto industry as seat stuffing for large trucks. 

ART sends quarterly donations to NAVES for the clothing and shoes you place in our bins, The program has done so well we recently had a second bin placed in front of our building at 575 Schuyler Ave. We Thank You for your support.