Executive Board

President Krystin Gussie

Phone: 201-991-6060 Ext 205 Email: kgussie@naves1972.org

Vice President Anthony Christian

Phone: 201-991-6060 Ext 205 Email: achristian@naves1972.org


Phone: 201-991-6060 Ext 204 Email: Treasurer@naves1972.org

Secretary Stefanie Melton 

Phone: 201-991-6060 Ext 213 Email: SMelton@naves1972.org

Stefanie has been a life member of NAVES since 2006 and is a former Captain of NAVES, Currently serving as a secretary and has been a past Trustee Treasurer and Lieutenant. Stefanie just celebrated her 25th year of service for NAVES and to the residents of North Arlington and surrounding towns.

Trustee George McDermott

Phone: 201-991-6060 Ext 204 Email: GMcDermott@naves1972.org

George has been a member of NAVES since 1991 and is a life member of the squad. Celebrating 30 years of volunteer ems service to the community. George has previously served the squad as President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, Lieutenant and Captain. George is also a volunteer Fire Fighter for the borough of North Arlington. George Also serves on the Board of Health and is the President and serves on the Board of Education, George is also the chair man of the municipal alliance. George is also and American Heart Association CPR instructor. George has been honored as EMT of the year in 2002, and also as Fire Fighter of the Year. George is one of the longest actively riding members of the squad. 

Trustee Bryan Wartel 

Phone: 201-991-6060 Ext 205 Email: BWartel@naves1972.org

Bryan has been a member of NAVES since 2018, Bryan just became an American heart association CPR instructor. Bryan was a squad trustee in 2019 and became Vice president for the year of 2020. Bryan also serves as a firefighter for the New Jersey Division of Forest Fire Service. Bryan enjoys to take initiative and leadership throughout the squad. Bryan is a full time EMT for Nepute Township EMS, Byan is also a member of the Bergen County EMS Special Operations Group and the NJ EMS state task force. Bryan was named EMT of year in 2020 for his hard work and dedications during the COVID 19 pandemic.