Welcome to our PAID EMS Division page

NAEMS is the PAID division for the Brough of North Arlington, This department is staffed by 6 Full Time EMT's and Per Diem EMT's. The North Arlington EMS paid division runs 2 full staffed ambulances daytime Monday through Friday 6a-6p, Friday night 6p-6a, and one ambulance day and night on Saturdays and Sundays. 


Chief of Paid EMS - Anthony Mondaro  

(Phone) X 201-(Email) Amondaro@northarlington.org 

Paid EMS Supervisor - James Sackerman 

(Phone) X 206-(Email) Jsackerman@northarlington.org

Our Purpose:

As a BLS (basic life support) operating ambulance, we provide ambulance services to the town residents as well as assisting neighboring towns with mutual aid. We respond to 9-1-1 emergency calls and transport patients to the hospital. Our ambulances are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) who are licensed and trained to provide basic life support care. Our EMT's are resposible for doing patient assessments, checking vital signs (including blood pressure, heart rates, oxygen levels, lung sounds) and administering medications such as oxygen, glucose, naloxone, epi-pens, and aspirin. We also provide care for splinting bones, CPAP, child birth and cardiac arrest. Our greatest purpose is to make sure the patient's we take care receive the highest grade care  and appropriate transport to a hospital. 

How to contact us:


If inquiring about a position in the organization, EMT school, or ride-along opportunities, please reach out to:

Email: jsackerman@northarlington.org

Email: dmustacchio@northarlington.org

Email: cimbrenda@northarlington.org